If iOS 8 gets split-screen apps, the status bar is probably going away

Daring Fireball discusses an article imagining how complicated iOS will get if it gets the split-screen, multi-app view that Windows 8 has.

But I think they’re completely missing the point of iOS 7’s apps owning the whole screen and living “behind” the status bar.

Apple is very slow and methodical. What I think this means is that

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Will Healthbook/Passbook be a New UI Paradigm in iOS 8?


9to5Mac reports this morning on mocked up screenshots of what Healthbook might look like. Healthbook is the new health & fitness tracking app that is said to be in iOS 8. Apple already makes the Passbook app, which has a very similar card interface.

So, is this the future? Will Apple  Continue reading


A new iPad UI tab+toolbar for iOS 8?

Is Apple preparing us for a new UI control specific to iPads (and a larger iPhone 6?) in iOS 8? Apple just released (finally!) a new iPad-only version of their Apple Store app. Just in time for the holidays.

The really interesting thing about this app is that it sports a unique toolbar at the top of the app that combines features of a navigation bar, a tab bar, and a toolbar.

Up until now,

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