But wait, there’s more: Another great design element of Apple’s iPad Pro Keyboard

There’s been a lot of chatter on the web about recent Apple design decisions, such as the iPhone 6 battery case and the iPad Pro’s keyboard. Yesterday, I talked about how the iPad Pro’s keyboard was designed specifically for a touchscreen device, and the compromises that entailed.

Today, I want to talk briefly about another design element of the iPad Pro’s keyboard cover (Smart Keyboard) that’s often overlooked.

People have complained that the Smart Keyboard is surprisingly thick for an Apple design. Of course, if it were thinner, people would complain that there wasn’t enough key travel. So I think it’s another smart compromise, which is what good design is all about.

One reason, perhaps, that people think they don’t like the thickness of the keyboard is because how unwieldy it might seem when carrying it, or the worry about mistakenly pressing a key.

But have you ever carried it?

My Smart Keyboard has still not arrived–although it’s finally shipped today–so I went to a local Apple Store (there are 4 in the area) to try it out.

When you fold it up to carry it, you may be surprised to see that it looks like this:

IMG_2132 iPad Pro Carry 2

That’s right, the keyboard isn’t the full size of the iPad Pro, and the best part is that your hand doesn’t go anywhere near the thick part of the cover when you’re carrying it.

Why Apple doesn’t emphasize this in their marketing materials is beyond me.

So when you carry the iPad Pro around, the keyboard cover is no thicker than any other iPad cover: it’s nice and thin around your fingers and palm. The keyboard part does not get in the way at all.

Sure, it may look awkward at first, what with thick and thin parts to the cover, but Apple made the right design compromises to make sure carrying it is just like carrying any other iPad: nice and slim.

The keyboard cover is no thicker than any other iPad cover

Compare that to any other keyboard cover for the iPad Pro.


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