Will Apple emphasize OS X apps by sharing more features with iOS and derivatives?

Despite the fact that there are over a million iOS apps in the App Store, the number of Mac Apps is much smaller. As I mentioned in previous posts, the non-UI parts of iOS and OS X share tremendous functionality, but the UIs are significantly different.

How can Apple encourage their tens of thousands of iOS developers to make more OS X apps?

Some rumors today suggest how that might happen. 

9to5Mac reports that Apple is merging the “web view” (mini Safari browser) in iOS and OS X, to make things easier and more consistent for developers. There are also rumors of Xcode 6 coming out today.

One thing Apple may do is create Storyboards that are shareable between iPhone and iPad (for ease in creating tablet apps based on existing phone apps), and maybe add Storyboards for OS X, CarPlay, and Apple TV, if they allow developers access to it. (That being said, Apple TV needs the same UI makeover that OS X is supposed to get.)


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