Last Day for Early Bird Discount at Modern Apps Live in Vegas

I will be giving a talk on enterprise iOS development for Windows Azure at the Modern Apps Live conference. This is held next month in Las Vegas.

The whole conference is about using Azure as a back end for apps written for iOS, Android, WinPhone8, Windows 8, and the Web (responsive design).

The talks are about the design and coding of  a single idea (My Vote, a social voting application) across all these different platforms. There will be talk about responsive design, coding for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, and using Xamarin for Android for cross-platform development. See how you can create apps that share all the same functionality on the back end.

My talk will be about a “universal” iOS MyVote app that works on both iPhones and iPads with very few code and design changes. There are also optional pre- and post-conference 1-day workshops on getting up to speed in these technologies, as well as a deep-dive into the code.

Today is the last day for a $300 early bird discount. Also, there’s a non-expiring $500 discount for the full conference if you use the link below:


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