Fingerprint recognition may make the iPhone 5S the go-to smartphone for the enterprise

Fingerprint recognition may make the iPhone 5S, expected to be announced later today, the go-to smartphone for the enterprise.

Earlier this year, at a multibillion-dollar enterprise customer of Magenic’s, I saw the pain of using iOS 6—without Kerberos single sign-on—when users had to continually enter usernames and passwords as they traversed through SharePoint server after SharePoint server. This made their system non-viable from a usability perspective. Nobody used it, and IT really couldn’t blame the user.

If Apple combines the rumored fingerprint recognition with the already-announced enterprise features of iOS 7, including per-app VPN, Kerberos SSO, “Open in…” management, enterprise ownership (and possible reassignment) of App Store purchases, AirDrop, iCloud Keychain, and Password Generator, then the iPhone 5S* may very well become the phone to beat for the enterprise.

These features combine high security with ease of use in a heretofore unseen manner. IT is satisfied, and users are thrilled. A win-win combo if ever there was one.

Will BYOD become BYOiD? Bring your own iOS device.

*–Note than a less expensive iPhone 5C is also rumored to be announced today, but it will likely not have the fingerprint recognition on the Home button the way the 5S will.


3 thoughts on “Fingerprint recognition may make the iPhone 5S the go-to smartphone for the enterprise

  1. Geoff says:

    If it works. It has been tried before and was more trouble than it was worth. Of course your fingerprints may now be on file with the NSA. Not to mention how easy it might be to fool. Knowing Apple under Cook they haven’t even bothered to test it under all conditions, just let it out the door like Maps.

    • Sure, Maps was wobbly when it was first released, but it was competing with Google Maps which had a ten year lead.

      From what I’ve read, a big problem with fingerprint recognition was clogging up the sensor. With a sapphire cover, it sounds like that won’t be an issue.

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