Apple’s 7.8 inch iPad and the enterprise

Well if the story leaks from the Wall Street Journal, it’s almost certainly intentional so this news appears to be the real deal. Apple to release 7.8 inch iPad.

(Mockup image from
I blogged recently about the potential for Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet to be useful for the enterprise. The problem with that, though, is that the Nexus 7 is subsidized by Google and thus they will not be likely to want to sell in large quantities. The difference here is that Apple will charge a profit-generating amount for its iPad, but I don’t think $299 for a quality tablet with fantastic software will cause Enterprises too much concern.
When thinking about enterprise purchases, be aware that a 7 inch tablet is not a replacement for a 10 inch tablet. A 10 inch tablet is more like a laptop. A 7 inch tablet is more a mobility device that people who are in very mobile jobs such as delivery or field work could use as a large input device–but certainly couldn’t be used as a laptop since the screen is just too small.
Would you buy a 7 inch iPad for your enterprise?


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