Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Enterprise Thoughts

the Verge gives the soon-to-be available Google Nexus 7 tablet fairly high remarks. Although I haven’t had one in my hands yet, the Nexus 7 seems to impress The Verge with reasons similar to my initial thoughts.

I’ve also thought this Nexus would make a great enterprise device. Why? Well it’s inexpensive (enterprises love value), it’s portable, and the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 seems much improved in terms of features, speed and usability.

It is in no way an iPad competitor, though; I see them as completely different devices aimed at completely different markets. Where the iPad has a large screen and tablet-optimized software and is aimed as a laptop replacement for office workers and consumers, the Nexus 7 (and 7″ tablets in general) are best for consumption of media and best for enterprises for highly mobile workers with fairly uncomplicated workflows for their mobile devices.

The iPad is more like a laptop screen (so you can do a lot of work) whereas a 7-inch tablet is more like a giant phone.

The problem with the Nexus 7, specifically, for enterprises is that Google makes no profit on it, and is banking on consumers purchasing media (movies, books, magazines, music, tv shows) from Google Play, and that’s how they’ll make money off it.

So, will Google want to sell a no-profit device in large quantities to enterprises that won’t use Google Play?

Probably not.


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